Rolando Toro (1924-2010) was born in Chile.

After a career as a primary school teacher between 1944 and 1957, he studied psychology.
In 1964 he graduated from the psychology department of the Pedagogical Institute of the University of Chile. He studied art and expression psychology at the Aesthetic Institute of the Catholic Pontifical University of Chile. He is also an anthropologist and taught at the Medical Anthropological Center of the Medical School of the University of Chile. He did research on the expression of the unconscious and on expanded states of consciousness. He was appointed Professor Emeritus of the Inter-American Open University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Between 1938 and 1973, he started experimenting with Biodanza (then called psycho-dance). He applied this system to the Psychiatric Hospital of Santiago and at the Aesthetic Institute of the Catholic University of Chile.

He lived in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Italy, while developing and teaching Biodanza worldwide.

ON top of this, Rolando Toro was a poet, a musician and a painter. He published several books of poetry and psychotherapy. He also held painting exhibitions in Brazil and Italy.
Rolando Toro was a constant researcher and teacher about “a new education of the art of living”, that he called the BIOCENTRIC EDUCATION.

He also defines Biodanza as “a poetry of the human encounter”.

Rolando Toro defined himself intimately as a poet.